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Hello everyone! Thank you for checking out this wiki.

To all the U of M Education students: Welcome!

This wiki will begin its journey with you! A group of university students enrolled in a PETE program. Together, you will research the TGfU approach, gain deeper understanding of its application in PE and create and develop your own game and lesson plans.
This wiki is designed to be collaborative and input from the community is always encouraged.

For those people of the community who are not involved in the TGfU assignment, you are encouraged to collaborate with the students. If you have a comment to an article written by a student, you may post a thread on the page in the form of a question, suggestion or even some words of encouragement. Collaboration is the key to this wiki but I would advise not to edit the students' pages without consulting with them first in order to provide them with the learning experience that a wiki creates.

If you are a teacher yourself and would like to get your students involved, see below for more info and please contact me.
This wiki can only grow if people add to it so I encourage everyone to participate!

Thank you,


If you would like to ask me a question, I may be online! Chat with me in the Meebo Chat room!

Unique Opportunity!
In order to begin our active dialogue around teaching games, I am looking for teacher educators or High school PE teachers to begin a collaborative TGfU assignment on this wiki with their students/teacher candidates.
I am looking for students who can contribute to this wiki as part of a university or school based course. I want to create an outline for each of the four categories. This outline will consist of headings where the students will than create content belonging to each heading. For example: History of TGfU. With a collaborative professor, such a project has been implemented last Spring and my thesis study showed that teacher candidates can deepen their understanding through participating in such a project.

I realize most of you are on holidays yet some may be thinking ahead about the Fall and the type of assignments to give the students. Please consider working on this one with me.

What are some benefits to participating?
- Students deepening their understanding of the TGfU approach to teaching games.
- International collaborative initiative to encourage this active dialogue around TGfU.
- Using a new technological instructional tool.
- Extending the learning experience (students can participate whenever and wherever they are).
- Using technology to enhance the various learning styles our students possess.
- Continious professional development opportunity.
- Creating a TGfU website focused on collaboration to build community.

Interested? Email me at helenabaert@hotmail.com and get your students involved!

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